The Duchess Deal

The Duchess Deal

This is the first installment in the Girl Meets Duke series by Tessa Dare. Its the adorable and romantic tale of Emma Gladstone, young seamstress down on her luck and pennies away from being out on the street. After shed finished a custom, and very tacky, wedding gown for the fiancé of the Duke of Ashbury, the engagement is broken, and the fiancé refuses to pay Emma. Desperate, she decides to wear the atrocity, knock on the dukes door and demand payment. Little does she know shes walking into the lions den.

Ashbury is a scarred man—physically and emotionally. Wounded in the war, the hideous scar on his face was the impetus for his fiancé’s decision to put an end to their nuptials. Licking his wounds and shunning society, Ashbury has chosen a reclusive lifestyle only emerging at night to menace Londons ne-er do-wells in his attempts to right the wrongs of the world. Content to live his remaining days alone, he only lacks for one thing—an heir. When Miss Gladstone storms his sanctuary, he presents an offer she cant refuse.

This is a fun read. If you like romance and root for the underdogs, this historical romance is for you.

Bestselling author Tessa Dare is a wizard at divining a crisp and delightful story thats peppered with humorous quips. As I read, I found myself laughing and crying and cheering for the protagonists to come together and heal each others wounds. While this Beauty and the Beast” inspired tale promises a similar happy-ever-after, the real beauty of this book is that its not about physical transformations, but rather emotional ones. And much like the classic tale, the supporting cast and memorable secondary characters enrich the plot and reinforce that the author is a master of writing a delightful, multi-dimensional story.

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