Blind Turn

Blind Turn

This is the story of Jess Johnson, a promising high school track star whose life changes with the blink of an eye. While out driving with her friend she hits and kills their small town’s beloved football coach. The trauma combined with a concussion has erased Jess’s memory of what happened that fateful afternoon. And it doesn’t help that her friend’s account of the accident is laced with suspicion.

But this is also the story of her mother, Liz, a single working mom doing everything she can to raise her daughter to get the chances she never had. All she wants is for Jess to graduate, head to college and realize her dreams. But this all comes crashing down the moment Jess takes that blind turn and is accused of homicide.

When you read this enthralling novel by best-selling author Cara Sue Achterberg, you are going to cry, laugh and fall in love with this mother and daughter duo.

I don’t want to spoil this story for you dear readers with a detailed synopsis, but trust me, it’s filled with surprises.

Achterberg brings to light the startling reality of just how common this tragedy is. More often than we’d like to accept it, distracted driving is the impetus of horrific accidents. And this book shares the trickle effect that one small decision can have on the lives of family, friends and the community. In this instance, the characters are not only torn apart but also brought together. The accident also ignites a spark that forces everyone to face their demons and, in some cases, become better versions of themselves. This includes Liz’s sister Kate, Jake, her ex-husband and Jess’s father, and the attorney she hires, Kevin Sharp.

And through it all is the central theme of love. What happens when people are fueled by this emotion is incredible. And Blind Turn gives you a glimpse of that goodness that is within us all and the positive changes this emotion can ignite. Bottom line. Blind Turn is a five-star must read.

Image Courtesy of Cara Sue Achterberg

Source: Cara Sue Achterberg and Black Rose Writing

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