Chillpreneur: The New Rules for Creating Success, Freedom and Abundance on Your Terms

Chillpreneur: The New Rules for Creating Success, Freedom and Abundance on Your Terms

Smart money management is difficult when you have emotional ties to it. And whether you realize it or not, you probably do. This stems from how you were raised, your experiences with money and how you view it regarding your financial goals and personal security. While this is normal, emotions can sometimes cloud smart decision making. Even when it comes to investing in yourself.

Entrepreneur and ‘money relations’ expert, Denise Duffield-Thomas speaks out about how to break through emotional blocks and build a more empowering and successful life in her book Chillpreneur.

She’s built her own multimillion-dollar business on helping woman work on their relationship with money and helping them push through the constraints that hold them back from thriving and feeling independent and secure. While that is her primary coaching and training audience, this book is for anyone who wants to raise the stakes in their profession.

I never really considered how much we struggle with asking for what we need when it comes to money.

The idea of tough negotiations or raising prices for services and products that we offer is all tied to our emotional history with finances. Duffield-Thomas’s approach is very raw and down to earth and because of that, you can see why so many people have invested in her help. When someone is as transparent as she is about her mistakes and learning moments, you can’t help but feel inspired that your own fears around money and success can be overcome, as well.

If you struggle reaching your financial goals in business, Chillpreneur can help you overcome your obstacles. Duffield-Thomas also provides a roadmap for becoming your own entrepreneur and how you can creatively pursue your passion and be rewarded in the process. After all of her tries and missteps, she’s landed on a topic on which she built her million-dollar empire: The emotional block women have with money—asking for it, guilt around having it, etc.

But most importantly, why I’m sharing this with you, is her simple message: “You have fears associated with money, and I want to help.”

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