Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way We Think, Talk and Act in Kindness

Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way We Think, Talk and Act in Kindness

When author Houston Kraft formed the Random Acts of Kindness group in high school, he quickly learned that he wasn’t alone in seeing a need for adopting the habit of sharing kindness in his school and community. He also learned that while we all crave kindness and see the benefits of it, we are not the best at making it a daily practice in our own lives.

The author uses this book to share not only his passion for kindness but how adopting kindness principles can be revolutionary in our personal and professional lives. When we invite the idea in, spend time crafting our own definition of it and then make it the foundation of how we interact with the world, we are not only paying it forward, but we are changing lives.

This is not a book that teaches you how to smile, do good things and generally be a better person. While those goals are certainly admirably encouraged throughout, it’s not the crux of Houston’s argument. Rather, he encourages deeply exploring the concept of kindness and the common barriers that stand in the way of making it a behavioral norm. I love how he’s boiled down the reasons why people pass by opportunities for kindness into three reasons and then offers exercises and practices to help change these mindsets and behaviors. Along with other compelling reasons why random acts of deep kindness are not people’s MO, the author provides a plethora of reasons and ways to build kindness skills and routinely exercise the practice.

The premise is to change not only our acceptance of the term, but how we integrate it in our lives. He shares why it’s important, and yes, for those looking for their ‘why,’ how we can personally benefit from this practice. But moreover, why kindness is necessary in today’s society.

I’ve put this in the ‘Books Uplift’ category, not because it seems like a natural fit—and it is—but because kindness is a principle that uplifts all of us. If you are on this site looking for inspiration to help you live a better and more altruistic life, then Deep Kindness should be part of your uplifting life’s lesson plan.

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