For the Love of Friends

For the Love of Friends

No one should ever have to experience this crush of bridezillas, but Lily somehow manages to stay afloat. Asked to stand up in six of her friends’ and baby sister’s weddings, Lily is honored, and all too happy to support her family and friends. That is until the curtain is pulled back and the list of demands, mean girls, controlling mothers and soaring expenses come to light. While she tries to stay afloat, emotionally and financially, it soon becomes too much for Lily to bear. And when she is driven off the ledge by one especially mean-spirited bridesmaid, Lily starts an anonymous blog detailing her escapades.

I’m not going to unveil to you the romantic line of this story which truly keeps you grounded. It’s fantastic, trust me.

Yet, I do owe you an explanation for the “grounded” statement. As an enthralled reader of this adorable contemporary romance, I was about to throttle Lily and tell her to RUN! I know that there are wedding atrocities similar and probably much worse to the ones poor Lily encountered, but yikes! I felt so badly for Lily with each incident that I wanted to jump into the book and just shake some sense into those women. Whew. I’m glad I got that off my chest. But yes, I probably would’ve done exactly what Lily did, just blog about it. I mean asking a bridesmaid to get Botox before your wedding? Seriously? Perhaps that’s one of the reasons you just can’t put this book down.

Add to that, the protagonist whom we can all identify with to some degree. From the awkward blind dates, to the opinionated mothers and the friends who get so caught up in their bliss, they don’t realize how demanding their expectations really are. This made me think long and hard about my own wedding and those of my friends. Thankfully, there were little to no similarities—save a friend’s destination wedding price tag. Still, I’ve seen the show Bridezillas so I can only imagine.

But alas, I’m not doing this story justice.

The brides are truly the supporting cast. Lily and Alex, the groomsman in the “friend zone,” are the arcs that hook you. The meet-cute and the slow, deliberate and thoughtful courtship in this contemporary romance is one of the best parts of this adorable read by Sara Goodman Confino.

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Source: NetGalley

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