Goals, Goals, and More Goals. Taking The New Year by Storm

Goals, Goals, and More Goals. Taking The New Year by Storm

I’ve always been driven by goals. Not so much that I am consumed by them and ignore life. But goals are a healing tonic for me in more ways than one. When I’m accountable to myself, and to others, I produce. I see a goal as a target to shoot for and a worthy adversary to conquer.

Still, life isn’t always about crushing a to-do list or racing to the top.

It’s about the joy you find along the way. You know this to be true, but if you need to be reminded, ask anyone who “talks goals” for a living. From coaches, to mentors, to leaders, to friends, and even to those in your writing, reading, and working community, it’s about the journey.

My journey this year has been tough. I’ve lost two loved ones, including my mother, and on top of that we’ve had numerous personal and life setbacks, so much so, that it prompted one of my friends to inquire if our house was struck by lightning. While that is a humorous way to look back on all that has happened, it hasn’t been a funny, or fun, journey for 2023.

But something changed for me the last few weeks.

I prayed deeply for guidance, something to kick me out of my spiral and back on my path forward. That same day I recalled something that had helped me build a successful business and career back in the day—goals. Now, I’m not talking about small goals (although any kind and size of a goal is important). I’m talking about the really big, big, big goals that set on fire to achieve. When I remembered how that act helped me run a successful business for sixteen years, I realized it was what I was missing in my life. Goals, goals, and more goals.

From there, I decided to start planning and dreaming and taking the New Year by storm. While I know that I may not realize all of my goals, I wouldn’t push myself further than I thought possible, unless I set some pretty big S.M.A.R.T. goals that are important to me, my family, and my future.

It took me several weeks of white boarding and planning, but I have arrived. Here I am, dear reader, friend, fellow, and mentor, ready to take the New Year by storm. I’ve committed to a brighter and bolder future.

How about you? Are you ready to walk this journey with me?

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