I’ve Got You Babe

I’ve Got You Babe

This is the second book in the Must Love Babies series by romance author Lynnette Austin. If you are looking for a sweet romance, sprinkled with deeply poignant notes, then this is the series you will fall in love with.

With her precocious toddler, Daisy Elizabeth, strapped in her backseat, Elisa Danvers is on her way to start a new life when her car breaks down in the small Georgia town of Misty Bottom. Tucker Wylder is dumbstruck when this beauty walks into his garage, but when she faints in his arms his quiet and orderly life gets upended. This meet-cute tugs at your heartstrings. You feel for this sweet woman and her little girl. Thankfully, a hero enters her life. And though he’s battling his own demons, they soon find that love conquers all.

I do want to be clear, however. Though Austin has created a sweet and enchanting HEA she’s also created an incredible character in Elisa Danvers. While Elisa does find love, she doesn’t need someone else to rescue her. She’s fiercely independent and headstrong which not only adds to her allure but helps her survive. Here’s a woman already down on her luck and yet the challenges just keep escalating. From her apparent illness, lack of funds, loss of a job, a vindictive ex-husband and a child with a medical condition, Elisa incredibly finds a way to harness her strength and courage to move forward.

This storyline is relatable for so many parents. Whether the reader’s life echoes the troubles Elisa faces or are unique to their own story, you are drawn into this character’s arc.

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