Last Protector (Clayton White Book 1)

Last Protector (Clayton White Book 1)

The first book in this series, Last Protector, introduces Clayton White, a secret service agent making the biggest step in his life—hes proposing to his girlfriend Veronica. But when Veronicas life is threatened, he becomes entangled in a political and deadly quest for answers and mutual survival.

Its rare that a political and spy thriller starts with the hero already in a relationship.

As Clayton is reflected in Veronicas eyes you learn quite a lot about the qualities and shortcomings of the protagonist early on. This makes him real, relatable, and refreshingly honest, despite his high-level career and skill set. While Clayton is hot on the trail of this foiled assassin, there is a back story that emerges, centered on a family drama and the underlying motivation of greed and power.

Gervais is a master at his craft. The suspenseful book moves swiftly, keeping readers on edge and interested. He does an excellent job of creating a storyline that draws you in and keeps the energy humming. With his military experience and work as a federal agent, the Canadian author weaves his own heart-pounding experiences and vast industry expertise into his protagonist, Clayton White.

I eagerly look forward to the next installment in the Clayton White series by Simon Gervais, The Last Sentinel.

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