Meet Boston Binx, by Author, Lisa Wilkes

Meet Boston Binx, by Author, Lisa Wilkes

Boston Binx, affectionately known as “BB,” is my six-year-old rescue cat and my youngest fur-child. He’s such an energetic, silly guy; it’s hard to believe he’s approaching middle age. Boston’s always chasing invisible bugs, climbing into spaces too small for him, and meowing for attention. In my mind, BB will forever be a teenager.

He has such a youthful soul.

BB’s rescue story involves both my other furbabies. I got my dog, Stella, from SPCA of Texas in 2016. Six months later, a co-worker found a litter of kittens in a bucket during a rainstorm. I had been waiting for the perfect moment to adopt a kitty. This felt like a serendipitous encounter; I figured the time had come. I went home that day with KitKat Sushi, a beautiful little tabby girl, tucked in my arms.

In 2018, I decided KitKat needed a feline sibling. My dog was boarded each time I traveled with my spouse. That left KitKat home alone when we were out of town, which seemed a bit lonely. I wanted to get her a buddy so she’d have company even when my husband and I were out of town. I’d been volunteering at Dog & Kitty City, a small but mighty animal rescue in Dallas. Boston Binx stood out because of his friendly, goofy demeanor. He stole my heart right away. I knew he was meant to be part of my family

BB joined my home five years ago, and he is such a gift.

I love all creatures; I am a diehard, lifelong animal-lover. I am also extremely active in rescue efforts. I volunteer with three local nonprofits, I serve on the leadership board for my airline’s animal transport team, and I sell merch at local artisan fairs to raise money for animal rescue. With that said, I think sometimes we find our furry soulmate. Boston Binx captured my heart from the very beginning, and I like to think we resonate on a higher frequency. He can sense my emotions before I even acknowledge them. He makes bad days better, and catapults good days to top-tier status. I love that crazy little boy! He also puts up with all my foster/transportation endeavors. I’ve fostered about forty animals since 2019, with each one going to an amazing home. Boston Binx gets a little annoyed every time I bring a newcomer into the home, but he always comes around. He’s a great sport about it.

Every book I’ve ever written includes a rescue animal! This happened by accident. I guess I can’t write a novel without including a sweet furbaby. A deep, eternal love for animals is embedded in my soul. That’s the only explanation!

I got Boston Binx from Dog & Kitty City: Humane Society of Dallas County (

Also, readers might want to check out my airline’s animal transport team. It’s such a great program! I am honored to be part of the leadership board for this awesome group of volunteers working to take America 100% No-Kill by 2025. SWATT Southwest Animal Transport Team – SWATT Transport, Animal Rescue, Animal Transport, SWATT Transport (

In terms of deriving inspiration from other novels, Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah left a mark on me. I’d already rescued my three pets when I read this book, but it reinforced the importance of fostering animals. There are so many awesome rescued pets
in that book; each one came with its own special backstory. Where the Forest Meets the Stars kept me motivated when the animal rescue world felt overwhelming or intense, which it often does.

Animal rescue isn’t easy. Happy endings aren’t always possible. Humans do horrific, brutal things to pets; in animal rescue, you are confronted the absolute depths of humanity every day. But books like Glendy Vanderah’s stirring debut novel offer hope and encouragement, propelling me forward even in the midst of some (inevitable) crushing blows.

Thank you for rescuing, Lisa Wilkes

Image Courtesy of Lisa Wilkes

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