No Sin Unpunished

No Sin Unpunished

Texas Ranger Faith McClellan and detective Graham Hardin are back in LynDee Walker’s thriller No Sin Unpunished. This time they are together, literally, and their relationship, while providing strength and a semblance of normalcy to Faith, is also creating tension. She knows that Graham wants to deepen the connection, but she fears that opening the door to her family and her past will be costly.

Yet fate finds a way to make this happen on its own terms, thrusting them both into a criminal investigation that is eerily too close for comfort.

As they dig deeper into an organized fraud ring and simultaneously an unexplained catastrophic fire, they discover the lynchpin is the nephew of the Iranian Ambassador. Inevitably, this international crime leads them straight back to Austin and right into her parent’s backyard. Her father, the former Texas governor, has always been opposed to his daughter’s calling and that strife causes even more tension when Faith discovers he’s deeply entrenched in this illegal quagmire.

Just to remind, I’m a huge fan of Walker’s books. She has an ease about her writing that slips over the reader like a warm blanket. But you won’t get cozy for long, because the Faith McClellan novels are riveting rides from the begin to end. The very first line of the script is the foundation of an engrossing book that captivates the reader. And the best part, the book is layered with multiple mysteries that overlap again and again until they weave themselves into a sinewy thread of suspense. Remember the adage “sins of the father?” Here’s a chilling telling of how family holds no honor when it comes to greed and power.

No Sin Unpunished is a suspense-filled reminder that you can never outrun your past.

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