Return To the River: Reflections on Life Choices During the Pandemic

Return To the River: Reflections on Life Choices During the Pandemic

Known for his bestseller A Child Called It, Dave Pelzer shares his journey and reflections during the pandemic. His book, which he affectionally callsa love story of sorts,” came about unexpectedly. Pelzer describes how he mentors a young fireman and reconnects with lifelong friends as he strives forward despite his haunting past.

Im not sure,” was my first response to a full read and review of this book. Its a little sad and I would guess stirs up a lot of emotional turmoil for those who may have experienced similar tragedies. Still, I kept reading because I was curious.

Im glad I kept reading.

For those who dont know, Pelzer was abused and tormented as a child. His mother was a monster, and his grandmother encouraged her cruel behavior. Its a heart wrenching tale but those who have had a difficult childhood or have faced the wrath of a relative will relate.

But the book is not entirely a recount of A Child Called It. Pelzer nods to the thread of good in his life. His brief relationship with his father, who he admired, serves as a strength-based lesson, and an experience Pelzer needed to move past setbacks and achieve his goals. The reader will also share in the heartwarming storied revelations of people in Pelzers life, like his teacher, neighbors, and community. Now, as a sixty-year-old adult, he is writing from his soul, offering readers a chance to peak into that deep place that forged strength and success.

This is one of those books that really makes you reflect on your own good fortune.

For those struggling to find a way, this book also serves as an uplifting tome and motivational impetus. Finding courage, confidence, and conviction when most has been stripped from you as a child is a monumental feat. But Pelzer is a living example of triumph over tragedy. While Im familiar with his first book, I didnt mind this re-examination of his life. Especially knowing that it inspired his healing and gratitude and is designed to do the same for others.

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