Soul Searching: Tune in to Spirit and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

Soul Searching: Tune in to Spirit and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

This is a guidebook written for those who feel trapped. Whether you’re confined in your own backstory, current circumstances, emotional prison, or under a cloak of uncertainty, Soul Searching by Bill Phillips provides a path of understanding and release. Through gentle guidance and illustrative examples, Phillips encourages the reader to break through self-imposed barriers and explore one’s higher self.

Sound to woo woo? Well, hang on a moment. I’m going to caution the reader wary of metaphysical books from shying away from this one.

While Phillips is a psychic medium with a robust resume peppered with experience, education, and media appearances including Dr. Phil, in just a few pages, you immediately connect with the authentic and approachable man whose transparency and light is infectious. This book challenges the reader to step away from doubt, grief, depression, and uncertainty and I can’t imagine a soul out there who isn’t struggling with these burdens in one form or another.

This self-help and motivational book, rife with sound wisdom, guidance, and tools, is a quick read and will serve as an ongoing reference. It contains fifteen chapters, each filled with compelling stories and reasons belying transformative change. Phillips’ voice resonates through his words, opening the door to a safe space for you to sit with meaningful behaviors, such as gratitude and forgiveness. Then he invites you to consider how adopting them could serve you better in life. The author also provides you with tried-and-true exercises for experimentation, uplifting, and encouragement for invoking positive change.

This is a beautifully written book that touched me deeply.

Though I don’t know the author personally, somehow after reading Soul Searching, I feel that I do. If you choose to read this book, and I encourage you to do so, I’m sure you will also welcome the opportunity to sit with this humble man and experience his light, peace, and joy.

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