The Art of Mental Training: A Guide to Performance Excellence

The Art of Mental Training: A Guide to Performance Excellence

Whether you’re an athlete, a career professional, a business owner, student or stay-at-home mom, this book by DC Gonzalez equips you for ultimate success. Think of it as your Zen master teaching you how to embrace and bring out the warrior/champion within. Yes, it is that kind of book, even with the guru Leo-tai teaching Daniel-san how to unleash his full potential, trust me, this is no joke. Rather it tells of the author’s true experiences of how he became frustrated and lost on his own path, until fate, and Leo-tai stepped in. Was it easy to get back on his path to achievement? No. Nor does he promise simplicity to the reader. Rather, he shares his own experiences as proof of possibility along with action steps that you can apply to your own journey.

Gonzalez makes it clear, both in his examples and in the strategies that he sets forth, that this book is designed for the everyday warrior from all walks of life.

He begins with a challenge that we all face, that of thoughtfully managing our inner critic. Through building up the right internal self-talk, belief, attitude and focus, your situation and your outcomes will change for the better.

One of my biggest takeaways is the importance of preparation. Whether it’s a negotiation, meeting, soccer match, or long overdue conversation with a friend, the art of preparation is key. Preparing your mind and setting your intentions for a positive experience and outcomes yields greater results. I think this is somewhat obvious, but what Gonzalez teaches about how to prepare is somewhat novel. He cites how top athletes achieve incredible results through the practice of pre-game visualization and self-talk. And he teaches the methodology for gaining this mental edge and improving your performance in everything you choose to do. This extra, but critical step, is often missed and that’s what separates the successful from the average.

This isn’t a long book, but it packs a punch.

Trust me, I took copious notes that I reference routinely to help me get in the right frame of mind for my work and my workouts. So, if you prioritize performance excellence, it is definitely worth reading and referencing so that you can mentally train yourself into success.

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