The Breathing Book

The Breathing Book

“Throughout time the process of breathing was always considered inseparable from our health, consciousness, and spirit, and it is only recently that we have reduced breathing to a more respiratory exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.”

What happened?

The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi answers the question of how we have evolved to take our breath for granted and how it is vital that we take it back.

In this simple to read guidebook, Farhi shows us how to reclaim the breath that we’ve been restricting for so long. This life force, when wielded correctly, will go to work to protect us, heal us and increase our capacity for living and succeeding in all that we do. Think of it this way—if you’re feeling stuck, setback, unwell or disoriented, go to your breath.

“Breathing is the most readily accessible reserve you have for creating and sustaining your vital energy.” What we need to realize is that breathing is not just a necessity, it’s an art. And learning how to harness the “essential breath” can help us focus and heal.

 “Breath therapy, combined with other healing practices such as biofeedback or yoga, has been found to alleviate and sometimes cure…a plethora of ailments from migraines to coronary heart disease.” 

If we don’t learn how to fuel our bodies starting with the most fundamental, essential, and vital nutrients then we will hardly be at our best. This book, packed with easy to do exercises to re-harness the power of our breath, is the antidote to bad days and sleepless nights. It’s so easy, but yet we forget to breathe in healthy and intentional ways.

So when it comes to books that uplift us, I thought this book fit nicely into our strategic life plan. 

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