The VIP Doubles Down: Wager of Hearts Book Three

The VIP Doubles Down: Wager of Hearts Book Three

I’m starting with the last of the Wager of Hearts series because it was my favorite. It’s about a best-selling spy novelist. Need I say more. You’re right. I guess I do. This is the third installment of a sexy trio of books by best-selling author Nancy Herkness.

In his story, author Gavin Miller is plagued by the physical ailments induced by stress. This stems from writer’s block. His agent, his producer of the movie based on his books, the leading actors, and his overwhelming number of fans are waiting for the next Julian Best novel. But Gavin is uninspired. He’s blustering and brooding and after the wager he made to get married within a year, he’s even more anxious to find a way out. Desperate to help, his agent hires a physical therapist to help him alleviate his pain.

Allie is a recently divorced PT who is struggling to make it in New York, especially after her ex-husband got her fired. When she’s given the chance to work for her favorite author, Gavin Miller, she’s over the moon. That is until sparks fly and her feelings for Gavin get in the way of her work.

Both Allie and Gavin have something the other one wants.

She needs the income, and he needs her help, both as a therapist and as a muse. When they agree to an unusual work arrangement, things become heated. The stakes grow high when they’re forced to decide between success or love.

I’m going to toss in an interesting little tidbit, Nancy Herkness is a huge animal lover. In fact, that’s what brought me to her books. As I go in search for how books uplift and do great work in the world, I found Nancy’s blog. There she details her passion for animals and how she contributes to various animal rights charities for each book she sells. Sound familiar? Well, you know this hooked me, so I needed to read her books. I’ve started with the Wager of Hearts series and I am now an even bigger fan of the author with a heart of gold!

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