Wake Up Grateful: Take Nothing for Granted

Wake Up Grateful: Take Nothing for Granted

This falls into the uplifting category, but dare I say it, also success. Why? Well, when you develop the habit of positively framing the first moments of your morning you are setting the intention for a better day.

This is a book written by Kristi Nelson who struggled with stage four cancer at the age of 33.

She also turned her life over to helping others as the executive director of a cause she deeply believes in—A Network for Grateful Living. This institute was founded by a dear friend and mentor of hers, Brother David, with the goal of creating a global community of people interested in uplifting the practice of grateful living. Both Nelson and Brother David have the bond of facing death and surviving and with that foundation, they want to drive home the importance of this perspective for one and all.

Nelson shares how much we need to keep the muscle of gratefulness strong by practicing it every day. She outlines so many ways to develop the practice even in small moments when the mind is in danger of turning away. With the gift of vibrancy, resiliency, community, health and happiness, gratefulness brings along with it a transformative power that fuels our lives. She reminds how this is a free gift to give and receive, it is also distinctive of gratitude, which requires something good to happen first. Rather, gratefulness is recognizing everything you already have and what promises life holds.

I challenge you to read any success book and not find mentioned the strategy of gratefulness as a way to divine better results.

In this uplifting book, Nelson also provides five strategies, or touchstones, that guide you on this path and give you strength when your confidence waivers. Moreover, she shares how being grateful changes you and your relationships with others. In the practice of embracing daily gratefulness, you’ll be better able to discern your path and your tribe and make space for the extraordinary opportunities that await you.

In these times, we are challenged to be grateful. Unrest, fear, anger, illness, death and violence have been the overarching theme of 2020. This new year, we can all turn the corner toward hope and possibilities. But we need a healthy daily dose of gratefulness to guide us there. This book will serve as your source of wisdom and inspiration.

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