When You See Me

When You See Me

A team of misfits, including a trauma survivor, FBI agent, detective and tech guru, all converge on the small town of Niche, Georgia to uncover a predator’s legacy that’s enduring years after his supposed demise. When the shadow of familiarity sparks interest in this group, they set forth with trepidation but fierce determination to uncover the full story and put an end to the predator’s reign.

But when they arrive, they stumble upon more victims than they had anticipated, and the gruesome and unconscionable discoveries throw even the most seasoned investigator off their game. It turns out this little seemingly innocent tourist town is at the heart of a multi-faceted crime ring that includes kidnapping and trafficking. What they uncover and experience produces more than a chilling shockwave, it changes each of their lives forever.

When I started reading When You See Me by Lisa Gardner, my gut clenched at the prospect of what immediately unfolded.

When I finished, I had tears in my eyes from the emotions the conclusion provoked. In the midst of the chapters, I couldn’t stop reading for the intriguing pace, engaging characters and the layering of plots.

Told from a variety of perspectives, I’m especially moved by the viewpoint of young Flora as survival guilt and PTSD war within her as she chooses to confront the lair of her kidnapper learning she’s the only survivor in his killing streak. Additionally, each of the main characters has demons to face and obstacles to overcome and are incredibly dimensional and relatable on their quest for justice.

If you like unraveling multiple mysteries simultaneously, When You See Me is your next read.

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