Yes is More: Tangible and Timeless Ways to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

Yes is More: Tangible and Timeless Ways to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors

Every business owner and sales executive is looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and drive profit. Office supply mogul, Howard L. Brown outlines the just how to do this in his book Yes is More.

This principle, on which he’s built his empire, is a simple one—saying “yes” and finding a way to fulfill that promise no matter how unique that request may be.

Herein lies the secret sauce for all success-minded professionals and it’s incredibly so simple in its application and appeal. But still so many choose “no” because it’s easy to say and less messy to do. Brown demonstrates that thinking is backward. Saying “yes” and stepping up to help others is a timeless approach that’s not only altruistic but profitable. In his book, he shows how this principle, on which he was raised, is not about getting something in return but constantly looking for ways to help others, add value and build long-lasting and sustainable relationships with your employees, customers and vendors alike. It also includes loyalty, the long running backbone supporting all worthwhile relationships. And Brown is incredibly authentic in his appeal that putting others first and striving to be innovative and open-minded is fundamental.

As you know, I love promoting a great read that offers tangible tools and a novel approach to building success in your professional life. And I really dig deep to find those that make the read worth your time and when you walk away, you have actionable steps that get results. Yes is More is one of those books. Each of the nine chapters (but they’re short) outlines one unique way you can say “yes.” And these germane ideas, coming from a man who’s made millions from selling paper and pens, leads me to believe he knows what the heck he’s talking about.

Not only have you got to grab your copy of Yes is More and immediately put these principles to work, but please connect with Howard on his website for genius inspiration. His professional history proves that when you combine hard work with heartfelt connections, you’ll succeed no matter what comes your way.

Can I get a “yes?” 

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