150 Books In A Year—Don’t Try This At Home

150 Books In A Year—Don’t Try This At Home

I was looking over the list of books that I read recently and I was surprised to see that in the last month I’d read ten. So I thought if I averaged around this many each month that I probably should set a goal for myself next year.


Well my day job is all about goals, accountability and professional success, so why not apply some tactics to my writing world. We all know as writers we set goals for ourselves.

Our publishers have us bound to deadlines and editors want copy on their timelines, so what makes reading so different?

To truly answer that question I’ll have to first confess, it is a ridiculous question. Honestly, reading should be for fun. It’s most likely a leisure activity so putting goals around it, unless you are in school, doesn’t really apply. Bear with me. I read a lot, I’m in the professional world of accountability, I am a goal junkie, so it’s only natural I’d do this for myself. But I wouldn’t recommend it, per se. Maybe this is like one of those commercials where the announcer says “don’t attempt this at home.”

But for fun, I’ve decided to set a goal for myself and see where this goes. 150 books in a year. It’s the one goal that I have that doesn’t come with any anxiety, only happiness. Now that’s a pretty darn good goal. Off to reading. BTW the clock starts January first.

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