Gently Down This Dream: Notes on My Sudden Departure

Gently Down This Dream: Notes on My Sudden Departure

Ive never read a book by Hugh and Gayle Prather prior to this gift from New World Library, but I plan to. This introduction to the couple whove inspired many through their teachings, authentic outreach, and writings, is a great way to start—and end your indulgence. This particular book was found and finished by Gayle, and its all the more poignant because it was largely written by her husband, Hugh, who passed after theyd completed their final edits.

I learned through the foreword Gayles adoration and admiration for Hugh, whos impetus in writing this book was to inspire others to live with love, forgiveness, and peace. To me, this segment reads like a love letter to her husband, and to the reader. Gayles heartfelt compassion for those who need peace and healing aligns with her husbands lifelong goal.

On to the book. I love a book that makes me laugh and cry, and Gently Down This Dream promises both.

Its a collection of the authors pearls of wisdom, presented in a journey of rules. But its not a lecture or holier are thoudoctrine that may turn one off. Rather, its a lighthearted, gentle nudge of whats learned and whats possible when you mindfully attend to the topics presented within. From awakening in life to sacrifice with a dash of sex and politics thrown in, the authors share brief stories and takeaway nuggets that make you smile and think.

My favorite example is when Hugh chased down a florist in his driveway in his underwear. The principal hes trying to impart was the meaning of love expressed, and after the florist made several attempts at delivering a Mothers Day gift, hed felt guiltily compelled to retrieve it despite his state of dress.

My idea was to give her a tip so large that it would erase the memory of a senior citizen in underwear…giving her more cash than the gift basket itself probably cost.”

Its these precious pearls—some funny, some poignant—that are so relatable, you want to keep on digging for more.

Gently Down This Dream is the antidote to superficial living—an epidemic of our time. And yes, sometimes a book comes along and whacks you right in the sternum when you need it most. After you right yourself, open it up, and recognize its timely relevance, you brace yourself for the long overdue and thoroughly needed truth. In their final book together, the Prathers invite you in for a pot of tea, some shared laughs, and a healthy cup of wisdom.

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