How to Be an Even Better Manager

How to Be an Even Better Manager

How to Be an Even Better Manager provides the blueprint for managing successfully in any situation, from policy and decision making to building effective skills and an exemplary team. The forty chapters outlined in this book by Michael Armstrong cover everything a manager should have a working knowledge of. Especially if they have their sights set on success. What’s also interesting about this book is that it addresses potential barriers and provides concrete examples and case studies of best management practices.

The chapter on creativity and innovation is especially my favorite as it challenges the manager to step into their leadership shoes and think in new ways required for future-focused managers.

Each chapter is concise, timely, relevant and serves as the ideal primer for new managers and a regular evaluation and refresher for those with experience. As a former director and supervisor of managers, I wish I had Armstrong’s book to use in diagraming our plan for shared success.

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