How to Build a Smile: 14 Ways to a Better You

How to Build a Smile: 14 Ways to a Better You

If you’re a fan of Books Uplift, you know I’m a sucker for any book that promises a path to more positive outcomes. So, it was only natural that How To Build a Smile by Robert M. Cole, MD made it onto my reading list. And I wasn’t disappointed. Cole has outlined fourteen ways that you can build a smile for yourself, and those you encounter each day.

The fourteen chapters center around life lessons that make positive changes in our lives. From finding joy in your purpose to attending to our physical bodies and emotional needs, there is something you can do each day that promotes positive change.

So, I look at this book more like an instruction manual for building a smile-worthy life. Here’s how I used it. I read through the book and took some notes, then went back through a chapter roughly each day, knowing that in 21 days I may have ingrained some new habits. While I’m sure you and I are already engaging in several of these suggestions, I felt reinforced and gained an interesting twist and perspective on my approach.

This is a short book. One that anyone could read in about an hour. That’s what makes it a great read and a great gift for others. I challenge you to find a recipient who wouldn’t smile at the title. Which begs the question: “Should this be mandatory reading in the workplace?” Imagine the possibilities.

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