The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way

The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way

This is a book that I’ve read several times before. It’s an uplifting book with a bit of a religious and metaphysical twist to it. That makes it intriguing. It really is a book, much like The Secret, full of encouragement. You’re either a Dr. Wayne Dwyer fan or not. I get it. Sometimes his teachings can be a little out there for folks, but he does drive home a valid point: The power of intention brings results.

I would imagine if you perused the books I’ve reviewed in the Books 4 Success column, you’ll find many host a similar theme—where the mind goes, your energy grows. It’s really about how to become more intentional about what you want out of life and how, in doing so, you will find that intention manifesting. As shared in books like The Secret by Ronda Byrne or Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, there is science behind the notion that your mind has incredible power. Dwyer’s book demonstrates how your mind can tap into the energy around you to increase your likelihood of desired results.

While this all seems nice and somewhat easy, it’s not. It’s a struggle for most of us to focus on positive outcomes when faced with negative news. It’s human nature to plan for the worst and look for ways to protect oneself against harm. But at the opposite extreme, I can’t imagine just lollygagging around thinking life will turn out perfectly if you just think positively. Or will it?

Well, I’m not an expert on life, but I do love to find inspirational books that drive home valid arguments from all philosophic, spiritual and science-based, angles.

Dr. Dwyer is a master at weaving all three together and this book is a product of such a feat. What makes this book great is that he has several suggestions for implementing what can seemingly be a nebulas idea. He provides grounded, concrete steps (mostly) for application in your daily life. But I will warn you that these steps require an open mind and, well, intention.

I would imagine that anyone’s life would be improved through the practices that he suggests. While you may find yourself on a journey of sorts as you read on and apply his principles, it’s one filled with light and discovery which are the hallmarks of a great adventure.

I’m eager to read your opinion on Dwyer’s books and teachings. Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

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