How to Build an Author Platform

How to Build an Author Platform

Im no expert in this area. So, now youre probably wondering why you should continue reading this blog. Well, bear with me. And let me start with a backstory.

I built and ran a successful business for sixteen years. I did this all on my own and was so successful that I had two competitors invest in my resources when I decided to close my doors. The work that I did to build my business, reputation, and brand was a labor of love (well, sometimes). I worked hard on growing my social media accounts, blogging, giving keynote presentations at conferences, and being interviewed by podcasters and big media conglomerates, including CNN and Entrepreneur Magazine. And for this, I had a growing engagement of clients and was offered not one, but two business book deals by large publishers.

This took years and hard work. I didnt have a team, but rather, I did this all by myself. (Insert a little pat on the shoulder.)

So, when I recently turned over the keys to my business so I could go into writing fiction full-time, imagine my surprise when an agent told me that before theyd take me on as a client and pitch my book (which they also said they liked) I needed to build an author platform.

What? Youre telling me that I need to build a business all over again?

Hey, I get it. Times have changed and authors no longer can rely on great ideas and great writing to grab a publishers interest. Its all about the marketing and future sales. In fact, I was recently told that a publisher wont even consider a self-published author unless theyve already sold fifteen thousand books.

Whew! Im sweating a little.

But its a new world and its a new era. I must respect the experts and defer to their years in the industry. So, that is a firm Yes.’ Im back in business once again, this time as an author. With that being said, Im on a mission. I have just walked away from my livelihood and stepped full on into the world of fiction authors. Now that I have my ‘Why’—I WILL be published, and to do so, must have an authors platform—I am on the journey to discover how, where, and what is one.

Knowing youre probably reading this blog to get insight on how to build your own, Im going to be brutally honest—I havent quite figured it all out yet. But as I do, I will share more.

Yes, this is one of those saga bloggas” for which you must stay tuned. The good news is that I blog often, so as I learn, I will share. But hey, if you have any great ideas, Im open to them.

Stay tuned…

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