How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming The Door

How To Keep Your Daughter From Slamming The Door

Parents and caregivers, rest easy. Deborah Ann Davis’s book is designed to reduce your headaches, curb your stress and forge a better bond with your teen. I loved the title and was excited to see what the book had in store.

And Davis delivered on her promise. Capitalizing on her experience as a mother, teacher and mentor, she’s put together a handbook of sorts that cracks the code to building a more serene and understanding relationship with teens. Each chapter is packed with ideas and actional steps including homework, suggestions for dialogue, “Do This” exercises, worksheets and “Conversation Boosters,” including self-worth.

I especially like the titles of the chapter which hit home for so many parents including “Why are my mother’s words coming out of my mouth?” And the content within addresses these ever percolating queries. With frank and honest transparency, Davis goes on to include some of the most important issues care givers struggle with including how parental power is diminished with non-conversation landmines, the importance self-awareness and self-love, dealing with guilt, learning to forgive, the time management myth and the unfair internal and external pressures faced by both parent and teen.

It’s clear that Davis has done her homework as this is not just an opinion project but is packed with science-based reasoning, case studies, research and well, math. It’s a parenting success book that’s less about the lecture and more about the joy. With her teacher’s hat firmly in place, Davis offers up an incredibly powerful and fun-infused course on parenting success. I recommend this book to every caregiver.

Source: Deborah Ann Davis

Image Courtesy of Deborah Ann Davis

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