Kind is the New Classy

Kind is the New Classy

I picked up this book by Candace Cameron Bure to use as part of a collection of recommended resources for a training I gave last fall. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed reading it. I realize that many get bent out of shape when a celebrity decides to “preach to the masses about their new found expertise.” (This is a quote. Not mine.) Still, like food, I’ll read anything you put in front of me (except meat—I’m a lifelong vegetarian).

But back to Cameron Bure’s book.

The book is a compilation of biographical stories and biblical wisdom to support her convictions around invoking kindness as a moral compass. Yet for those who are already groaning about my synopsis, give her, and her book, a chance. While she does stay true to her faith and shares versus about the importance of kindness, the message has multi-faith merit. Kindness counts.

I feel strongly that she has brought to light a simple—yet vitally important—topic that is often dismissed in today’s world. Kindness does matter. And when you share it, it’s pretty darn classy! I like nice, caring and empathetic people. Don’t you? So however you feel about her approach or her celebrity, she is boldly delivering it. Kudos.

Kindness is certainly subjective and can be defined in so very many ways, so I expect the reader will have their own deeply personal views on the topic. But know that this isn’t a one hit—do this and your life will be better—sermon. Instead, Cameron Bure shares how, rooted in her beliefs and behaviors, kindness can make a difference in how you act, react and prevent conflict and toxicity. She also addresses the challenges of following this kindness path. I think this would make a great book for a book discussion, especially for Christian women.


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