Return on Ambition: A Radical Approach to Your Achievement, Growth, and Well-Being

Return on Ambition: A Radical Approach to Your Achievement, Growth, and Well-Being

If you’re set on achieving big goals, being ropelled by your ambition gets results. And this book offers the definition of ambition as “a powerful yearning and drive to attain a future stat that is different from today and challenging to reach.” While it can be driven by many root factors, it’s the never-ending fuel source that shapes the way you work and the results that you get.

This novel approach to success by Nicolai Chen Nielsen and Nicolai Tillisch breaks down how you can go after incredible pursuits and still thoughtfully manage your ambition, so it doesn’t drain you.

The authors realize that ambitious people are not just satisfied with achieving in one segment of their lives, but desire success in all areas. But too often, they become all consumed with their pursuit that they neglect important areas or make unhealthy sacrifices. After studying this tendency and creating a unique approach to gaining greater results and using their model to coach countless ambitious achievers on to success, they’re sharing their secret in Return on Ambition.

They begin with a perspective shift. Breaking down old beliefs of either/or and recognizing that ambition doesn’t require ultimate sacrifice. Yes, it may involve increased commitment to attain higher outcomes but at the same time, one’s ambition can be channeled toward multiple areas in one’s life. Therefore, balance, well-being and life satisfaction needn’t be exchanged for success and the attainment of professional goals. Rather, they are all part of the ROA equation they present in the first section of the book along with why and how this is integral for sustaining your pursuits.

They next challenge the reader to self-reflection and uncovering the “frenemies” that seem quite helpful at first but may eventually lead to self-sabotaging outcomes. The authors then turn to their third part of their ROA model that creates a strategy for success. Presented through the combination of step-by-step strategies, case studies, statistical backing and the challenge of leveraging innate tools, this is a great handbook for those who have high expectations for their professional and personal lives.

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