The Power of Discipline: How to Use Self Control and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals

The Power of Discipline: How to Use Self Control and Mental Toughness to Achieve Your Goals

When it comes to mastering discipline, there are tons of resources to support your journey, both on the web and on the bookshelves. But if you’re serious about getting things done, this success book by Daniel Walter is one you should consult.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of failure they should be scared of regret.”

Along with such motivational truths, there’s a lot here beginning with cited research into the why, and what, of building discipline into one’s life—and making it a lasting habit. The author shares how delayed gratification and willpower affect brain activity. Aligning yourself with successful activities and people who prioritize discipline improves your chances for success. Applying discipline in small, but meaningful ways, will also decrease detrimental habits and build muscle memory of beneficial ones.

In other words, what you do today erases your past, while improving your outlook, and outcomes, for tomorrow.

The author delves into how the brain functions when we’re anxious and how that can decrease discipline. He outlines strategies for understanding what triggers this anxiety, how to flux in willpower, and then how to combat it moving forward, avoiding the need for instant gratification. And speaking of, delayed gratification, sometimes called willpower, is the impetus for achieving many goals including career success and attaining and maintaining healthy weight.

Not only will you find science-backed strategies in this book, but the author includes tried and true disciplines of Shaolin Monks and Navy SEALS. Taking cues from these two highly disciplined groups helps inspire and instruct personal improvement.

Walter reminds that each time a healthy choice has been made, and acted up, self-discipline is strengthened. This one step at a time approach makes it easier to understand how discipline serves you, while building the habit and increasing your self-confidence through repetitive practice.

I took several pages of notes and routinely reflect on them for inspiration and guidance. Daniel Walter is known for his expertise in the area and his website offers numerous resources to help you build the habit of discipline and move past obstacles in your way.

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