What the Wind Knows

What the Wind Knows

If you’re a fan of Diana Galbadon and Andrew Greeley, What the Wind Knows by Amy Hamon is your perfect next read.

When Anne Gallagher agrees to take her beloved grandfather, Eon’s ashes back to the Loche in Garvagh Glebe Ireland, she sets forth on an emotional, spiritual and life-changing journey. Though it was the first time she’d ever been to Ireland, she feels a sense of familiarity in the homeland of the man who’d raised her, loved her and shared with her his life story.

As she prepares to deliver her grandfather to his final resting place, she meets resistance when renting a boat from the local merchant. He strongly urges her to delay her expedition due to the high winds and rough waters, but despite his protests she proceeds. When the wind catches her tiny boat, Anne loses control and slips beneath the waters and back in time to one of the most turbulent times in Irish history.

I would not do this story justice if I tried to further summarize it for you. But I will share the enticing story line that includes her finding herself a mother to Eon and falling in love with Thomas, the man Eon thought of as a father figure. These characters are richly portrayed and are fiercely protective of “Anne” despite her mysterious re-appearance.

As a reader, you will quickly identify with the main character’s struggle to make sense of her situation and yet survive the suspicion cast upon her after six years. In her emotional struggle to find her way back to modern day New York, Anne fights the growing lure of staying in a time where she finds family and love.

There is a subtly soft weaving of history, romance, mystery and politics throughout the book, making it distinctive of others in the same genre that may be more complex in their storylines. But do not despair, though it is lengthy, it’s pace is swift and addictive. Like Harmon’s other books, this is a compelling tale beautifully written by a best-selling author with a serious knack for storytelling.


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