Writer’s Corner: Tips For Writing a Great Author’s Bio

Writer’s Corner: Tips For Writing a Great Author’s Bio

Every element of your book submission needs to be on point. From the pitch to the query to the bio and the book. Of course, your story is your primary driver, but remember, readers also like to engage with the author. They’re curious about you and your background, and they are interested in learning what made you decide to write this book. And if you’re writing a work of non-fiction, why are you the best person to do so?

Therefore, literary agents and authors take a keen interest in your personal story. They also want to ensure that the shorter version of your bio will make an intriguing little ditty on the book jacket. With those compelling reasons, coupled with the necessity of submitting it when pitching, here are a few tips to help you write a great author’s bio.

Make it Brief. This isn’t the time to write another book—one about yourself. Instead, make it brief and only share the key points that agents, publishers, and readers need to know. Keep in mind, there may be an ask for a longer bio and author’s resume at some point, especially if you’re writing non-fiction. 

Share Your Qualifications. Tell a little about who you are, why you’re writing this book, your related background and experience in the industry (if relevant, and a non-fiction work), along with a few things that are relatable. 

Make It Personal. Readers want to connect with the author, so ensure it’s an interesting summary of your life. But adding some intriguing personal details adds intrigue and builds a bond.

Choose Third Person. When you’re writing your bio keep it professional by using the third person point of view for your narrative.

Give a Visual. Include a professional photo if requested by the publisher or literary agent. Even though your book may be quirky, and maybe so are you, you want your image to look the part of a successful author and one that should be writing in your genre.

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