Two lives thrust together by fate fall over a cliff to their premature deaths. Thus begins the tale of how their bonded souls travel through time in reincarnation. In each lifetime, they find one another by chance as they are bound together for eternity. Yet as they grow closer through friendship, desire, and love they are always tragically torn apart once again.

Chocked full of miniature epics spanning from the days humans first walked the earth up to the present moment this fascinating novel tells a tale of a love that does indeed endure the test of time.

The delightful way each “Wheel of Rebirth” is spun is vastly creative, especially when the genders are switched and the cause of death continually haunts its soul. It is also intriguing to discover the patterns unearthed in each lifetime such as the cat named Baby, the unique forms of the green gem, the purple birthmark, and the ailments and dreams that continually plague each soul. However, the reader may get waylaid by the small vignette of other characters peppered throughout the journey. These side stories are blended nicely along the way, but distract from the main tale of the two souls finding new life in reincarnation. Altogether, Suzanne Weyn’s work proves a wonderfully unique piece of cutting-edge fiction.

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