Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind: Spatial Strategy to Success and Happiness

Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind: Spatial Strategy to Success and Happiness

This book is not at all what I’d expected. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But I have to say, it took me a beat to understand the overarching message Alex Neumann is conveying. Though into the second chapter, I grasped the rhythm and his goal. This book is his “bold endeavor” to impart to the reader what he’s learned about the power of changing one’s perspective and conditioning the mind to become more optimistic, stronger and aligned with one’s path of success and happiness.

In this collection of anecdotal stories and accompanying lessons, Neumann illustrates ten bold challenges to harness the power of the mind.

This is where it becomes interesting. He is forthright and challenging in his tone—and I like it. His ‘no excuses’ approach in daring you to take back your control and not succumb to the material and societal trappings that define our contemporary world. He also explores shared values and conventional beliefs and asks you to do the same in the sense that you may be holding on to something that will forever define you or worse, restrain you. Rather, by embracing and exercising your invincible mind you will be stronger, happier and even more successful. No more whining, no more wallowing, nor more putting on a fake façade. These are attributes of a weakened and “mummified” mind.

Now I realize that others may interpret this book differently. I’m only sharing my perspective here, yet I believe he’s on to something with his direct approach. Yes, I review a lot of self-help/success books and I also run up against the same examples of Steve Jobs, Buddha, Edison, et al. when it comes to hard won life lessons. But what makes this book different is that the author doesn’t gently dance around the messages. Instead, Neumann boldly bares his soul and asks the reader to do the same in order to face head on blind ignorance (my words) and embrace the gift you’ve been given—a powerful mind. In doing so, you can change your destiny and overcome adversity. Moreover, you can help uplift others and show appreciation for humanity.

A lot of words and a lot of preaching here on my part, I know, yet I want to drive home these final thoughts. I always take a lot of notes when I read books because I want to go back time and again to be reminded of, and inspired by, what I’ve learned. Yet, I can’t recall taking as many notes before as I did with Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind. It’s chalked full of great reminders and challenges, which begs the question: Will a workbook follow?

I want you to take the challenge of reading this book. I know you will gain a lot and I ask you to share your thoughts with me, and the Books Uplift Community, below. And one final note: Thanks for your fearless writing, Alex Neumann, and for your distinctive approach on personal development.

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