Heal Yourself: A Return to Wholeness – The Integration of Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

Heal Yourself: A Return to Wholeness – The Integration of Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

Michelle Fondin bares her soul in this thoughtful guide to healing. She shares her personal struggle with her mother’s limiting beliefs, her fight with cancer and the obstacles she’s faced on her path to balance, wholeness and peace in her life. Yet this is not a story of Fondin’s life. While she does share her personality and give you a peek into her life, she comes from a place of vast training and expertise. Pulling all of that together, she’s outlined an exciting plan for healing.

The goal of this book is to help the reader understand how we’ve become fragmented overtime and how to re-harmonize and channel the body, mind, soul and spirit toward healing.

Taking a page from her own experiences, she shows how aligning her personal care with her spiritual practice helps center her in a way that provided a foundation for releasing negative energy. You too can identify what is weighing you down so, like Fondin, you can reboot. The reason I use the aforementioned word “thoughtful” is that Fondin keeps the reader in mind throughout. At the end of each chapter is a bulleted list of insights referenced and that summary is a great way to create your list of things to work on.

Many seek more holistic ways to heal. Instead of traditional medicines and using temporary placations to muddle through, learning how to improve from within can go far to help the healing process and in some cases, is all that is needed. Stress is one such controllable cause of illness. And yeah, it’s easier said than done. Trust me. But Fondin does share how you can nurture yourself while identifying and removing pain triggers.

Everyone prioritizes health (I would imagine). Finding a way to build better habits and understanding what isn’t working is the first step to regaining health. The chapters outline the journey, thoughtfully walking you back on the path to wellness. Some practices include meditation, forgiveness, gratitude, letting go of attachments, positive affirmations while others are more experiential like Ayurveda and nutrition-based practices. All of them have the common thread of rewiring the mind to set it free from negativity.

Fondin reinforces what we all know to be true, but often forget—healing starts from within. Proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the book). Learn more about Fondin’s healing approach on her website.

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