Snowy Valentine

Snowy Valentine

When Jasper Bunny goes in search for the perfect Valentine’s Gift for his wife, Lilly, he turns to his neighbors for ideas. Each of them has created something special for their loved ones, but these unique gifts don’t seem to be the right fit for his love and in his pursuits, he encounters tricksters and danger along the way. After an exhausting and perilous journey, he realizes that his exalting his for Lilly made sound simple, but it’s the greatest gift he could give.

This adorable picture book written and illustrated by David Petersen was just too moving to miss posting on Valentine’s Day. The lesson is also incredibly timely. You can’t put a price on love. While this holiday is retailer’s dream and a commerce-driven push for indulgence, the gift of love could lessen in its value.

My Snowy Valentine challenges all ages to remember that this is an opportune time to share the greatest gift, the gift of love, by showing someone how much they mean to you.

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