Winning The War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Winning The War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

This book, by Craig Groeschel is a bit of a gift wrapped in a conundrum. First, let me say that it is a good read, but there are a few head scratching elements. To start, it’s written by a pastor who states in the beginning that this book is not targeted solely to Christians. But it is. Now, let’s be clear here. I’m Christian and I love a good book written by any faith leader (as you can tell from my blog—no matter the creed). But let me clarify, it’s less science and more faith focused, unlike it states in the book description.

The other pause came from all the personal stories. Sure, I love it when an author is transparent and uses personal anecdotes and life challenges to illustrate a point. But it would be nice to have some interspersed from Groeschel’s friends, colleagues, clients, or parishioners.

Now that I’ve shared some honest reflections, let’s get to the uplifting elements of this book. And trust me, there are plenty, starting with the premise.

It’s designed to help the reader break free from the spiral of destructive thinking. And Groeschel offers three sound principles for doing so (I will not spoil the book by sharing them). Yet, I will tell you that they are clearly outlined with solid examples on how he has applied them in his own life and he shares guidance on how you can too.

Second, the tools and activities at the end of each chapter are worth investing time on. There you’ll find great prompts for reflection, probing questions, and exercises inviting you to face your lies head-on, examine what is ‘fact,’ and reframe and change your thinking. Powerful!

Third, and by no means final, his humility. This isn’t some preach from the pulpit fire and brimstone leader, rather someone who is very comfortable being frank, humble, and honest about his own flaws. That’s endearing and is very helpful to readers to know how WE are not alone struggling with negative thought patterns from time to time. It levels the playing field.

If you are open to exploring the idea of God’s promise for a better path and are willing to use biblical and yes, science, tools to help you break through negative thinking, then this is a must-have for your mental health and success library.

Final note: You can tell Craig Groeschel is heartfelt and sincere in his desire to help others live a better life.

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