Yoga: The Hidden Power of an Age-Old Practice

Yoga: The Hidden Power of an Age-Old Practice

Sometimes the simplest instructions are the best. Too complicated and it becomes highbrow and intimidating. Regardless of your yoga intellect, fundamental and approachable will meet the reader where they are every time. Yoga is designed to encourage and invite, not rebuff through a haughty diatribe of pretentious discourse.

Did you see what I just did? Yup, actualized the irritation that results when yogis go off on philosophical discourse—unless thats the intent of the book. As you see, it can be a little off-putting.

But I digress.

But this book is designed to invite all levels of practitioners and interests to the mat.

Taking the simple, straightforward approach to understand the basics of yoga benefits, this book by William Lim invites all interested in yoga to slowly step in and experiment. It’s a success book, as well as a health book, because of the approachable strategies for personal transformation. The author does a nice job of providing a deeper understanding of why medication, asanas, and pranayama improve health and wellbeing but not too much that its boring or highbrow.

While there is frequent mention of enlightenment, that shouldn’t shy away novices. Rather, Lim encourages readers to explore the various definitions and apply what is appropriate to ones lifestyle. Its a wonderful read for beginners and a great reference for experts. This easy-to-read gem is worth adding to your bookshelf.

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