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False Light

Senior investigative reporter, Sanford “Fuse” Petty has been put on leave from his D.C. newspaper, Capital Incursion due to a disciplinary investigation. The real reason? He’s hitting too close to home in his work to uncover the truth behind a Running Dog’s founder’s mysterious suicide. Now with time on his hands and injustice-fueled angst in […]

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No Safe Secret

Those who love romances with a deeply integrated, contemporary and compelling storyline are probably already fans of Fern Michaels. She’s been a best-selling author for quite some time and for a reason—her stories draw you in. The female protagonists often share a very real arc with readers, or someone they know, and that is what […]

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Eagles Over Britain

If you’re a lover of historical fiction like me, this is a must read. But let me add to some of the compelling reasons you should read Eagles over Britain. Imagine if John Jakes, Tom Clancy and Stephen Ambrose (of Band of Brothers, fame) collaborated. You’d end up with a historical saga, military suspense, and […]

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Sophie Last Seen

This contemporary fiction book by Marlene Adelstein is hauntingly real. Children disappear all the time. This horrific reality sets into motion a traumatic ripple effect in parents, family and friends. Adelstein invites the reader to experience what it may feel like for a mother who’s lost her child and grieves in her unique own way, […]

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Author Q&A with Craig Matthews

As a newly minted author, Craig Matthews broke into the publishing world with a very poignant story that has history lovers clamoring for more. Immigrant Patriot, a story of love, hardship and grit, is a reflective tale of Craig’s family history. Craig’s been married for nearly four decades to his high school sweetheart—and has an […]

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Path to Sunshine Cove

Jess Clayton is a partner in a thriving business that helps homeowners declutter and get their spaces and lives re-organized. It’s the perfect career for a veteran with a wanderlust mindset and no place to really call home. The book begins with Jess taking a job at a beautiful estate on the California coast, hired […]

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Sign of the Maker

Boston PD Detective, Mike Kelly has been hardened by life, family and years of experience on the job. Now, he’s slowly trying to put his broken life together by making his colleague and girlfriend, Kristin Barnes, a permanent fixture in his and his daughter’s life. And just as they all were looking forward to their […]

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For the Love of Friends

No one should ever have to experience this crush of bridezillas, but Lily somehow manages to stay afloat. Asked to stand up in six of her friends’ and baby sister’s weddings, Lily is honored, and all too happy to support her family and friends. That is until the curtain is pulled back and the list […]

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On The Run

When ER nurse Janie Kirkpatrick is forced at gunpoint to treat a patient, she’s barely able to keep it together, let alone concentrate on what she’s trained to do. Fearful yet determined, she tries to shut out the melee and focus on saving the life of the man who’s been dumped on the gurney. Much […]

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Author Q&A with Elfary Detorres

Thanks to my interview with Joseph Lewis, author Elfary Detorres reached across the Atlantic to express his interest in Books Uplift. And with Elfary’s release of his new fantasy book, Ayara, I knew he’d be a perfect fit for an Author Q&A. And what a wonderful story Elfary has to share both in his book and […]

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