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Author’s Journey: Fantastic Online Courses for Authors and Writers

The busy life of a writer and author leaves little time for learning. Still, continuous improvement and professional development is critical in any professional endeavor. It’s important that authors interact with their fans, friends, fellows, and industry professionals. But it’s not always easy. Conferences, signings, and other events take a toll. Time away from family, […]

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Finding Time to Write

This is an ongoing challenge for so many writers because life “gets in the way.” Any writer and author you talk with will share their ongoing battle with choosing between getting word count met or taking care of personal and professional business. Of course, if you’re on a publisher’s deadline, the accountability helps.But not everyone is. Therefore, […]

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Advice From Pros: Erin Henn from Booksmart Literary Scouting

Booksmart Literary Scouting is a literary scouting agency founded in 2022 and led by Erin Hennicke,  drawing on her 25+ years of industry experience and combining her love of great writing and film/TV. Hennicke began her career in the Subsidiary Rights Department at Viking Penguin, overseeing  domestic/foreign/audio/& film/TV rights, before segueing into the film industry […]

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Author Q&A with Paige E. Ewing

Spokesperson for data management, analytics, and AI software by day and fiction writer, gardener, and archery enthusiast by weekend, author Paige E. Ewing fell in love with writing at a young age. She turned her classroom daydreams into stories that grew in length (and content depth) as she honed her craft. After reading story after […]

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Awesome Professional Associations for Authors and Writers

Have you ever joined a professional association hoping to gain the secret sauce for success? I have. In my lifetime, and over decades of professional pursuits, I’ve been a member of more associations than I can count. Sometimes, the industry licensure or employer require certain memberships and so you pay the fee, read the literature, […]

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My Beta Reading Deadline.

As an author and a critique partner, beta reading is always top of mind. This month, I have a looming deadline to get my WIP ready for beta readers to dig into. I also have two books to beta read and review for another author. While I would like to say the holiday season slows […]

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Book Teaser: UnSuited

A YOUNG WOMAN MUST DECIDE IF SHE CAN LEAD THE REBELLION AGAINST A CLASSIST, UBER-CAPITALIST SOCIETY IN THIS EXCITING SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THE AUGLAND SERIES Ashton has escaped. She’s made it outside the walls of the faux-utopian theme park Augland where the wealthy and powerful artificially augment their bodies and lives. But is the rebellion […]

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