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Create Lasting Conference Experiences

Fifty? One hundred? I’ve lost count of the conferences that I’ve attended over the years. Some have been professional conferences focused on re-honing skills and attaining continuing education credits. At others I’ve been a keynote speaker (yeah, really) or have presented in breakout sessions. But those conferences never hold a candle to the ones that […]

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I Know Who You Are

Disturbing, intriguing, and addictive are three of the adjectives that I’d use to describe this book by Alice Feeney. What kind of person preys on a victim of trauma? This book answers that question demonstrating just how far an unstable and tormented predator will take their reign of terror. When actress Aimee Sinclair finds her […]

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Carnegie’s Maid

When she steps foot in America, Clara Kelly has little to her name. A poor farmer’s daughter sent from Ireland in hopes that she can make a better life for herself is ill-prepared for what she is about to face. Stuck on the dock with no money for transport to her distant relatives in Pittsburgh, […]

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United Through Reading

Our military heroes make immeasurable sacrifices for our safety and well-being. One of these sacrifices includes leaving their loved ones behind. While adults and older children can respectfully understand obligation of duty, younger children often experience more difficulty coming to terms with this separation. Finding ways to stay connected not only eases both parties’ loneliness […]

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Book Club Favorites

What makes a book worthy of a book club? When I lived in Chicago, I was part of an awesome book club made up of twelve women whom I hadn’t met prior. Along with this group of diverse women came a cacophony of unique tastes in literature. While each of these women, me included, were […]

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